About Us.  
We sell and supply a range of innovative Valve and Meters for a wide variety of markets. E Tech Meters was established in 1900 and have been providing South African companies and individuals with quality Valve and Meters for over 10 years. We have grown and acquired other similar companies along the way to what we are now as a conglomerate of suppliers. We currently have group of eight distinct companies that are proud to be under the umbrella of E Tech Meters.
Our dedicated team has provided personalised attention to a wide range of clients including mines, factories, and construction companies e.t.c. We are looking forward to serving our customers well into the future by constantly seeking new products and ways to improve our service.

Our customer base is region-wide. We invite your inquiry where ever your location. We know you have a choice of suppliers and we will strive to meet your product requirements.
Contact us to discuss your requirements, or if you need advice.

We specialize in conjunction with our group of companies, in formulating the right product for our customers based on the following criteria:
● Efficiency: Producing a product that achieves the most desirable cost/performance benefits for you our customer.
● Safety: Advising on the safety benefits of branded regulatory products.
● Reducing costs: Increased investment in stock. Keeping costs low by providing customer stock arrangements and generous quantity discounts.
● Delivery: We offer a wide range of seamless delivery options for customers worldwide from the small package through to palletized and containerized shipments.
● Information: Keeping our customers informed of developments and improvements in the rapidly changing market through regular website product updates and monthly newsletter.