Ball Valves - BAV.


Resilient Seat - Applications
Resilient-seated ball valves have good sealing performances and a variety of choices for the materials depending on the working conditions.

Resilient-seated valves are widely used for pure medium, such as water, LNG, coal gas, natural gas, oil, nitric acid.
Resilient Seat - Parameters
Nominal diameter :
1/2" ~ 48" (DN15 ~ DN1200)
Pressure class :
Class150 ~ Class2500 (PN16 ~ PN420)
Working temperature :
-196˚C ~ 260˚C
Structure :
floating ball / trunnion mounted
Body type : two-piece / three-piece
Material forming process :
cast / forged
Drive type : manual, worm gear, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic.


Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve - BUV47.


Performance & Specifications
Nominal working pressure :
PN10 : DN80 ~ DN3200
PN16 : DN80 ~ DN3000
PN25 : DN80 ~ DN2000
PN40 : DN80 ~ DN1200

Test Pressure (water) Ps (MPa)
Body Test Pressure : 1,5 times rated pressure
Seat Test Pressure : 1,1 times rated pressure
Working temperature : -10C ~ +130C
Driving Device : Power-driven, pneumatic

Media : water, seawater, sewage, hot water, gas.
Usage occasions : sewage treatment factory, water circulation system, chemical plant, hydraulic pump station.


Electric Water Valve Flex Link Model No: DHK 2800.


Featured here is Model DHK 2800 of our brass valve line. This particular valve is a two-way, semi-direct lift valve with a normally closed operating position. This means that there are two ports in which media flows, the valve will open when the coil is energized and allow media to pass through. Removing the energy from the valve coil will close it and stop the flow. It works across various media such as hot water, air, gas, diesel fuel, Freon, weak acids and weak alkali. The valve features a heavy duty, solid brass body thats sure to last in the most strenuous projects.

The port size is 1/2 inch female NPT threaded. This Electric Solenoid Valve can handle low viscosity fluids below 20 cst. The orifice size is 16mm and Cv value is 4.8. It can withstand pressure up to 115 psi and temperatures as low as 15F and as high as 265F. The seal material is VITON Rubber.

 AquaMaster - Electronic Water Meter


A compliment to the evoQ4 range of electronic meters, the AquaMaster 3 is designed for applications in which increased flexibility in programming parameters and data features are required. A truly powerful sensing device, AquaMaster 3 allows distribution network managers to observe their systems with an unprecedented level of detail.

NSF61 [G] (3' and larger), OIML R49 and MID approved
Renewable (Solar / Wind) energy option
Option of a 5 year replaceable battery life
AC power with backup version available
Fit and flow
Size range 40 mm to 300 mm (1.5 to 12 in.)
Other sizes by special order
Flow profile conditioning sensor
Optional logger provides rich data sets for network analysis
Capability for combined / simultaneous pulse and Elster protocol encoded output.


Dome Pressure Regulator


High-performance dome-loaded pressure regulator for very high flows

Kv value 30
maximum pressure stability also in case of withdrawal fluctuations
outlet pressure 0.5-30 barg
suitable for various technical gases
Connections: G 3″ F, Flange DN 80/100

Operation / Usage:
Ideal for process gas supply where pressure accuracy is required even when inlet pressures and flow rates are varying.
High flow rates and outlet pressure accuracy are achieved, even when the difference between inlet and outlet pressures is small.


MAVLUX 3602 Gate Valve with PE Pipe Ends


The proven gate valve for broad application spectrum
Praxis profen gate valves in the water supply, industry, plant, waste disposal
and the gas supply offers the wide range of gate valves from the series
Multamed Premium and Multamed 2 Plus.
They are made of cast iron and have an internal stem thread.
Long centric wedge guide for minimal operating torques
Triple sela for long life and absolute tightness
Maintenance free and minimal dead space thanks to medium-free spindle
Precise sealing between the body-parts




Assured Automation - Model Economy Series - Electronic Water Meters

B Flex Extra Model No : HR37T


This low-cost electronic water meter easily installs either in-line or at the end of a hose. The large easy to read display and compact lightweight design makes it easy to handle. A rugged nylon housing and sealed electronic circuitry provides years of durable use in almost any condition. Two AAA batteries power the small microprocessor for a year and are very easy to replace.

Features & Benefits

Flow Range: 3-30 GPM
Rugged Construction
Designed for Indoor/Outdoor Use
Digital Display
Large 1/2' Tall Digits
Maximum Batch Total 9,999
Approximate Battery Life is 9,000 hrs


The Q4000 electromagnetic water meter from Elster includes a replaceable battery pack for extended meter operating life. It is ideal for utility applications, including network monitoring and commercial billing.


The meter features bi-directional pulse communications that are fully compatible with the latest data logging and advanced meter reading equipment. It offers low head loss, high accuracy and a fully sealed waterproof IP68 housing construction. The meter maintains a 0.5 second sampling rate to ensure no loss of measurement accuracy.