FLODEX 8500 UF Module Model No:NP8934 Part No:68BN97

FLODEX 8500  Ultrafiltration (UF) modules are made from high strength, hollow fiber membranes that have excellent features and benefits:

0.03 m nominal pore diameter for removal of bacteria, viruses, and particulates including colloids to protect downstream processes such as RO
PVDF polymeric hollow fibers for high strength and chemical resistance allows long membrane life.
Hydrophilic PVDF fibers for easy cleaning and wettability that help maintain long term performance.
Outside In flow configuration for high tolerance to feed solids that help reduce the need for pretreatment processes.
U-PVC housing, helping to eliminate the need for costly pressure vessels.

                                VINTEX EPV Regulator Model No: AJV4282 Part No:DC24GK82
Vintex EPV Regulator is automation components with High performance LED display, low power consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection ,Widely used in Tension control ,Flow control, Position Control ,Pressure control etc application.
Proportional valves has high performance LED display, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, widely used in tension control, flow control, position control, pressure and so on.

Features ;

  • Set pressure range =   0.005~0.9Mpa
  • Voltage Range =  DC:24V 10%
  • Current = DC24V:0.12A Max
  • Current type = DC4-20mA.DC0-20mA
  • Orifice =  φ7.3mm
  • Linear  =  Linear
  • Hysteresis = 0.5%F.S.
  • Repeatability = 0.5%F.S.
  • Temperature characteristic = 2%F.S.



Ball Valves - BAV.


Resilient Seat - Applications
Resilient-seated ball valves have good sealing performances and a variety of choices for the materials depending on the working conditions.

Resilient-seated valves are widely used for pure medium, such as water, LNG, coal gas, natural gas, oil, nitric acid.
Resilient Seat - Parameters
Nominal diameter :
1/2" ~ 48" (DN15 ~ DN1200)
Pressure class :
Class150 ~ Class2500 (PN16 ~ PN420)
Working temperature :
-196˚C ~ 260˚C
Structure :
floating ball / trunnion mounted
Body type : two-piece / three-piece
Material forming process :
cast / forged
Drive type : manual, worm gear, electric, pneumatic, hydraulic.




Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve - BUV47.


Performance & Specifications
Nominal working pressure :
PN10 : DN80 ~ DN3200
PN16 : DN80 ~ DN3000
PN25 : DN80 ~ DN2000
PN40 : DN80 ~ DN1200

Test Pressure (water) Ps (MPa)
Body Test Pressure : 1,5 times rated pressure
Seat Test Pressure : 1,1 times rated pressure
Working temperature : -10C ~ +130C
Driving Device : Power-driven, pneumatic

Media : water, seawater, sewage, hot water, gas.
Usage occasions : sewage treatment factory, water circulation system, chemical plant, hydraulic pump station.




Pneumatic actuator is used for pneumatic butterfly valves and pneumatic ball valves, directly install, actuator for oil industry and water industry. piston type actuator body is aluminium alloy, surface hard anodized.ISO5211 pneumatic actuators have double acting and single acting type, output torque range of double acting type:2.78-13673. single acting :4.76-5608.pneumatic spring return actuator of RAT032 and RAT040 only 2pcs spring,RAT052-RAT400 is 5-12pcs spring.

1.Excellent, compact and modernized design as well as complete specifications is good for your selection.

2.All acting surfaces adopt high quality bearings, resulting in low friction, long cycle life and no noise.

3.The two independent stroke adjusting devices can easily and precisely adjust at 5 open or close.

4.Double acting type and single acting type (spring return) are with the same external structure, which is easy to install the accessories.

 plastic butterfly valve

Pneumatic Plastic Butterfly Valve.

pneumatic plastic butterfly valve

Low flow loss
The opening angle of the disc could be seen clearly throumy the position indicator
Fast/efficiemt operation for automatic control system in a limited piping space
Pneumatic actuator specification meets with ISO 5211, VDI/VDE 3845, DIN 3337
NAMUR, easy to assemble solenoid valve, limit switches and accessories
Pneumatic actuator max. air supply pressure 0.8MPa, min. air pressure 0.5MPa.
Pressure rating: 2"~10" 150 psi, 12" 100 psi, 14" 16" 86 psi, 18" 72 psi, 20"~24" 51 psi.


Dome Pressure Regulator


High-performance dome-loaded pressure regulator for very high flows
KV value 30 maximum pressure stability also in case of withdrawal fluctuationsoutlet pressure 0.5-30 barg suitable for various technical gases
Connections: G 3″ F, Flange DN 80/100

Operation / Usage:
Ideal for process gas supply where pressure accuracy is required even when inlet pressures and flow rates are varying.
High flow rates and outlet pressure accuracy are achieved, even when the difference between inlet and outlet pressures is small.


3602 Gate Valve with PE Pipe Ends


The proven gate valve for broad application spectrum
Praxis profen gate valves in the water supply, industry, plant, waste disposal and the gas supply offers the wide range of gate valves from the series
They are made of cast iron and have an internal stem thread.
Long centric wedge guide for minimal operating torques
Triple sela for long life and absolute tightness
Maintenance free and minimal dead space thanks to medium-free spindle sealing
Precise sealing between the body-parts







Solenoid Valve Digital Timer


Solenoid valve digital timer used to control valve open and close automatically;
UL certified timer, file number is E488201;
Timer for drain valve used for air compressor system;
Timer with DIN 43650A terminal;
Timer for industry solenoid valve.

Product Details

Supply voltage 24..240V AC/DC-50Hz/60Hz for "CE" marked timer Duty cycle 100%ED
Absorption current 4mA Max Switch life 3x108
Operating temperature -10c~+50c Time ON from 0.5 to 10s
Class protection IP65-EN60529 Time OFF from 0.5 to 45 min
Switch holding voltage 400V Max Indicators Yellow LED
Switch capacity 1A Manual override Test
Inrush current 10A for 10ms Termination DIN43650A


Explosion Proof Limit switch Box

Explosion proof limit switch box RFS-410-EX grade is EXDII BT4 standard explosion proof limit switch box .Limit switch box with feedback thread is G3/4".actuator position indicator suit for actuator RAT270-RAT400.Explosion proof switch box RFS-410-EX is mechanical type. Limit switch box is designed based on advanced technology which are solid beautiful, high-level quality and with the following characteristic

1.Visual position indicator and waterproof type.
2.Easy to set without tool based on spring loaded plined cam.
3.There are many connection terminal and 8pcs of points, easy to connect and safety.
4.Standard dual cable connections.
5. No worry to loose bolts while cover opens.
6.Namur standard stainless steel shaft and bracket.